Our New Partner: Porter Pipe and Supply

Bull Dog      Since 1976, Porter Pipe & Supply has provided superior products and service to their customers to help them achieve their goals. They offer the highest quality products and services available on the market today.                                                                                                 With over 36 years of experience and commitment to excellence, they have earned their valued reputation as the best reseller in the Chicagoland area. Since 1976, Porter Pipe & Supply has provided superior products and services to the HVAC industry, helping their customers achieve their goals. Now they have expanded that offering to become the first stocking supplier of PDM US pre-insulated refrigerant lines in the Chicagoland area. With over 36 years of experience and commitment to excellence, they have earned and place high value in their reputation as the best reseller in the Chicagoland area. With PDM US, they are adding to their product options the best and most durable pre-insulated copper line sets made today.                                                                                                 Contact Porter Pipe & Supply today to find out how you can make your mini-split and variable refrigerant flow product installation the finest available.

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First Supply Receives Award From Reznor

 First Supply Receives Recognition as a Key Leader in Sales of Reznor

First Supply Award
          Lee McLaughlin congratulates Todd Montgomery, HVAC Sales Manager for First Supply Group, for their excellence in sales of Reznor Products in 2013.
         Reznor, Gunn & Pegelow and First Supply have worked together for more than 30 years supplying the Wisconsin/Northern Illinois areas with the finest commercial heating and cooling solutions available in the marketplace today.
        We are proud to have them as a key leader for us in this market.


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SoHo House, Chicago – Reznor Helicopter Lift

Check out this helicopter lift for the upcoming Soho House in Chicago of Reznor packaged heating and cooling makeup air units being placed on the roof! Thanks to Westside Mechanical for making this awesome video.

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Halcyon Flex Inverter Commercial Now Available to Fujitsu Dealers!

If you are a Fujitsu dealer, we now have a commercial you can use to advertise on TV!  Contact G&P to find out more details.

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Reznor Platform 125

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Cold Climate Heat Pumps by Fujitsu


High efficiency and reliability continue to drive the Fujitsu design team.

Since 1982, Fujitsu has offered mini-split systems.  Refusing mediocrity, Fujitsu continues to excel with highly engineered products that are superior to its competitors.  This is evident with its newest line up – the RLS2 and the RLS2H.  These two systems offer heating ranges rated to outside temperatures of -5 deg. F and -15 deg. F respectively, and SEER ratings of up to 27.2.  To put that in perspective, the coldest winter design temperature in Wisconsin, according to the ASHRAE 2009 Fundamentals Handbook, is Wausau, WI, which calls for -13.6 deg. F design temperature.  According to ASHRAE, it is only colder than -13.6 deg. F for less than 0.4% of the year.  The RLS2H has that covered, offering more than 100% of nameplate capacity at -15 deg. F.

Additionally, Fujitsu has developed ESP technology which senses movement in the space and automatically adjusts the set-point to reduce capacity in cooling and heating modes when not needed.  The result: direct savings to the user.

Compared to the previous model, the new units are 33% smaller and 22% more efficient, and more than 100% more efficient than basic requirements mandated by the Department of Energy.  And with a highly designed heat-pump system for heating down to -15 deg. F, coupled with its ESP technology this makes the RLS2H a winner in our growing cold climate market.

Contact us or your local Fujitsu distributor for further information.

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Reznor Platform 125: Comfort & Ventilation Made Simple

Combining high ventilation requirements with clients’ comfort needs has been a complicated challenge for HVAC designers and installers for some time, and continues to grow.

In its 125th continuous year of providing quality, efficient, and reliable HVAC equipment, Reznor has successfully taken on this challenge by developing and presenting to the HVAC community a series of three uniquely packaged rooftop products that takes the guess-work out of what might otherwise be a complicated application.


In a word, it’s SIMPLE!

Simple to apply:

  • One platform, three specific models to handle the range of space conditioning, high percentage outside air, and true makeup air needs.

Simple to specify:

  • Easy online selection software can produce all of the information engineers need in one easy mechanical schedule format.

Simple to install:

  • Menu driven controller with easy to understand setpoints and descriptions.
  • Integral air flow monitoring and test modes from the control cabinet – startup is a “breeze!”

Simple to operate:

  • Each model can be configured with options and control schemes to allow for meeting application needs while staying with a simple thermostat end-user interface.

P125 Hi Res DX Section copy

The Platform 125 series of equipment includes options for 92% efficient gas heat, optional ECM fan integration for ultimate IEERs, energy recovery, and the flexibility and reliability that has been exemplary of Reznor’s success.

Contact G&P to set up a date and time to learn more about this product, or call us for a selection today!

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