New Viessmann Vitocrossal 300, CU3A!

A recent interview with Steve David, Sales Director-East, Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc., about the new compact, gas-condensing, floor standing Vitocrossal 300 CU3A boiler.

cu3a_adWhat is the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A?

It’s a highly efficient stainless steel gas-fired condensing boiler available in four sizes ranging from 94 to 199 MBH, with a 5:1 turndown ratio. Since its release fifteen years ago in Europe, we’ve sold over 100,000 units in Europe; 34,000 of them in the last four years alone. June 2015 marks the introduction of the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A to the US market, where we expect it be very popular.

What makes the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A distinctive?

First of all, it’s a high-mass design that means large water volume for the BTU/H input. Therefore, it isn’t flow sensitive. Contractors will love that it’s simple; because of the high-mass design, there is no primary/secondary piping to deal with, no low-loss headers to build into the system. And it’s a floor-standing unit – it’ll fit in the same footprint as your old cast-iron sectional. Installation really is as simple as connecting the existing supply and return piping. Slide out, slide in – boom. That’s it. I like to call it, “Simply efficient.” This is not to say that you should keep the old pumps after many years of service; there is a great opportunity for utility savings with the new VFD pumps.

Simplicity is built into the design?

Absolutely! All the pipe connections are in the back, and the vent connection is low to the ground for convenient connection to existing chimney openings. You can also sidewall vent this unit up to 190 feet. The combustion management system is self-commissioning; when the burner starts it automatically self-calibrates. Natural  gas to liquid propane is also simple with no orifice to change. You don’t need a combustion analyzer – the burner does all the work. The heat exchanger design actually washes itself when operating in the condensing mode, ensuring good heat transfer. The menu driven control and quick start-up guide simplify system commissioning.

What about the efficiency side of the equation?

Think of it this way: on average, we in the United States pay about $0.90/therm for natural gas; in Germany, they pay about $3.00/therm, more than three times as much. In order to succeed in Europe, a boiler has to be efficient – and the CU3A delivers. The combination of our LambdaPro combustion technology, which continually adjusts the burner for optimum combustion efficiency, and our proprietary heat exchanger, delivers up to 95% AFUE. You just can’t reach that kind of efficiency with a conventional sectional boiler or many of the other condensing boilers on the market.

What about build quality?

Look inside. It’s all Viessmann manufactured parts, and they’re all proven with a track record of durability. The heat exchanger is made from the best titanium alloy available for industrial applications, SA240-316Ti. We’re talking a minimum lifespan of 20-25 years and in the real world, it’s usually much longer. For the burner, the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A uses our MatriX radiant dome – it’s whisper-quiet and brings NOx emissions down to just 20ppm. The controller is our Vitotronic 200 KW6B, which allows you to control the boiler and the system, including DHW. The boiler has 0-10 volt output to control a system variable speed pump. You can control up three temperatures: high temperature direct from the boiler and two low temperatures via mixing valves, besides DHW production.

What are the target applications for the CU3A?

For retrofits, there’s obviously a huge opportunity anywhere you have high water temperatures and a high mass design: old homes with cast iron radiators, homes with multi-zone fin tube baseboard radiators, and homes with high DHW demands. Because of the easy swap-out with old sectionals, it’ll be great in many small commercial applications too.

It’s also perfect for new construction. With the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A, you get a packaged boiler that doesn’t need primary/secondary piping – you save big on installation costs. There’s less piping, fewer pumps, fewer valves — and best of all, less installation time.

All this quality in the CU3A comes at a cost, right?

No! We’re pricing the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A very competitively. With incentives from natural gas providers, it’ll cost a little more than most floor standing boilers in the marketplace. However, when you add in the savings you get in the simple installation – and the lifetime value of durable parts and low maintenance demands – you’re getting an incredible value.

Where can we see the CU3A?

Visit our website: We have a Vitocrossal 300 CU3A under live fire in our U.S. headquarters in Warwick, Rhode Island. Soon we plan on installing one in our Vitomobile. Starting in June, the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A will be available at your local wholesale distributors.


Benefits at a glance

  • Compact, floor standing gas condensing boiler from 19-199 MBH.
  • Multi-boiler installation with 8 boilers up to 1592 MBH.
  • High efficiency of 95% AFUE on all models.
  • High temperature operation of up to 190 degrees F.
  • MatriX dome gas burner with 5:1 turndown ratio to ensure high efficiency and extremely clean combustion.
  • Easy conversion from natural gas to liquid propane with no orifice change.
  • Durable, reliable, and long service life with Inox-Crossal stainless steel heat exchanger and high mass design.

Contact the sales rep in your area for a quote, or with any questions.

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Adventures in the Vitomobile: Indiana

 At the end of May, the Vitomobile was picked up by Gunn & Pegelow in South Haven, Michigan and then began the trek into Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lee McLaughlin then met with contractors and engineers to show off the boilers in the back of the Vitomobile.

From there, the Vitomobile travelled down to Indianapolis where sales rep Joe Dodd showed off the boiler rack system throughout the city. Next stop: Illinois!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.29.16 AM

From South Haven to Indianapolis!

BCV Trees

BCV Architects check out the VitoMobile in Fort Wayne

SAS Fort Wayne

The first stop as S&S

Joe Dodd in the Vitomobile

Joe Dodd by the Vitoden Boilers

The Viessmann Boiler Rack Systems allows up to eight Vitodens 200 gas-fired condensing boilers to be combined in one single system, which have capacity inputs from 67-530 MBH each. This allows a single rack system’s max input to be as large as 4240 MBH. The rack systems can also be configured to meet space specified by different layouts (see below).

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.29.49 AM

multi-boiler rack system configuration examples


Vitodens Cascade at Senior Apartment


Fish-eye view of cascade systems after installation.

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Case Study: Mars Air at Navy Pier

Jutting out from the Lake Michigan coastline of downtown Chicago is the 3,300-foot-long family attraction of Navy Pier. With new construction expected to complete in 2016, Navy Pier is updating its experience, and they’re using Mars Air to improve their environment.


Here are some of the pictures of the job site located just beyond the giant ferris wheel in what will be The Centennial Vision site at Navy Pier.

Mars Air Systems: keep outside air and bugs out, and inside air in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Mars Air Curtains are featured above the entrances of multiple spaces. For more information on  Mars Air, contact Gunn & Pegelow at 847-573- 7030, or go the Mars Air  website.



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Adventures in the Vitomobile!

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.16.25 PM

Starting on Monday June 1st, Gunn & Pegelow began traveling through Indiana and Illinois in Viessmann’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the Vitomobile. The Vitomobile is a Viessmann Boiler live-fire training display van that allows reps to showcase the Vitodens 100, 200, 222-F boilers, racking systems and controls to designers, engineers, and contractors in action instead of on a piece of paper. Our trip takes us through Indiana and Illinois as shown on the map above.

Designers at KJWW take turns viewing the VItodens 200, and 222-F

Designers at KJWW take turns viewing the VItodens 100, 200, and 222-F

The Mobile sitting near a site by Illinois State University.

The Mobile sitting near Illinois State University.

     We will be updating our blog with pictures of the different locations we have gone, highlighting certain aspects of the boilers as we go.

  For more on Viessmann, visit their website or call Gunn & Pegelow at 847-730-7030.  For more information on Viessmann’s Vitomobile, click here.


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Case Study: Viessmann CM2 Boilers at Liberty Bank


New Viessmann CM2-186 Boilers at Liberty Bank

A Viessmann CM2 186 Boiler weighs  726 pounds. Two of them now sit at a Liberty Bank in Chicago’s Logan Square Neighborhood where Sherman Mechanical installed a boiler replacement system this fall.  Each of these Vitocrossal 200 models produces 643MBH output, together providing a redundant heating system for the bank’s heating needs while fitting in a small freight elevator and through a 36″ door.

Old Incinerator

Original incinerator from 1958

The bank was built in 1958 and still operated from much of the original equipment from the year it was built until this year. You can see the boilers during installation (below) and an old incinerator (left), both located in the basement. The Viessmann CM2 boilers can hold between 74 and 131 gallons of water and all have a max operating pressure of 75 psig.

The high mass capability affords these particular condensing, high-efficiency, boiler models to be a “drop-in” replacement of older vintage boiler styles such as cast-iron, which would normally require significant piping changes and other considerations.

CM2 Install

Viessmann CM2 boilers undergo commissioning

During the installation process, Sherman Mechanical also updated the piping by encasing them with insulation to reduce heat loss to bring the installation up to par with the 97% thermal efficiency offered by the CM2 boilers.

Finally, you can see the bank managers, Sherman Mechanical, and Gunn & Pegelow’s Michael John Hofer all in front of the completed boiler installation for a walk through of the system. We are confident they are going to love their new system and it will be there for a long while to come!

Owner training

Owner training


With each Viessmann boiler purchase, whether it is residential or commercial, owners are likely eligible to receive a rebate from the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program.

Please contact Gunn & Pegelow if you are interested in learning more about Viessmann or if we can assist you with any of our other products!

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How to Install and Operate a Reznor Unit Heater

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Announcing Mars Air Doors in Indiana


indiana-mapGunn & Pegelow is proud to announce new representation of Mars Air Systems for the state of Indiana! Mars Air is the leading manufacturer of air curtains, keeping outside air and bugs out and inside air in.

Be sure to check out their website for more details or contact our own Lee McLaughlin at for more information!


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