Packaging DX Cooling with Direct Fired Heating: A Match Made in Wisconsin

If you keep adding exhaust fans to your manufacturing facility, you might start wondering why the doors won’t open anymore. Or maybe you have a long-standing problem with more exhaust than typical building HVAC can handle.

This is where Gunn & Pegelow can help!

In this example, Engis Corporation in Wheeling, IL, was expanding its operations to grow their laboratorial and testing environments and took the opportunity to add makeup air for a growing manufacturing facility as well.

Cartland Kraus Engineering supported MTI Construction Services in designing multiple systems for the makeup air throughout the facility.  Direct fired gas heating was considered early on for the gain in efficiency it offers over indirect fired equipment. Titan also offered packaged cooling, utilizing the latest in modulating compressor technology to allow tight temperature and humidity control.  With deep modulation capability on both the heating and cooling, and modulating reheat for humidity control, Titan Air is able to offer a VAV packaged solution capable of maintaining tight temperature and humidity control to low airflows while maintaining the highest efficiency possible.

Thanks to partnership with Sherman Mechanical, Cartland Kraus Engineering, and MTI Construction Services, we were able to make this installation a success!

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