Case Study: Viessmann CM2 Boilers at Liberty Bank

New Viessmann CM2-186 Boilers at Liberty Bank

A Viessmann CM2 186 Boiler weighs  726 pounds. Two of them now sit at a Liberty Bank in Chicago’s Logan Square Neighborhood where Sherman Mechanical installed a boiler replacement system this fall.  Each of these Vitocrossal 200 models produces 643MBH output, together providing a redundant heating system for the bank’s heating needs while fitting in a small freight elevator and through a 36″ door.

Old Incinerator
Original incinerator from 1958

The bank was built in 1958 and still operated from much of the original equipment from the year it was built until this year. You can see the boilers during installation (below) and an old incinerator (left), both located in the basement. The Viessmann CM2 boilers can hold between 74 and 131 gallons of water and all have a max operating pressure of 75 psig.

The high mass capability affords these particular condensing, high-efficiency, boiler models to be a “drop-in” replacement of older vintage boiler styles such as cast-iron, which would normally require significant piping changes and other considerations.

CM2 Install
Viessmann CM2 boilers undergo commissioning

During the installation process, Sherman Mechanical also updated the piping by encasing them with insulation to reduce heat loss to bring the installation up to par with the 97% thermal efficiency offered by the CM2 boilers.

Finally, you can see the bank managers, Sherman Mechanical, and Gunn & Pegelow’s Michael John Hofer all in front of the completed boiler installation for a walk through of the system. We are confident they are going to love their new system and it will be there for a long while to come!

Owner training
Owner training

With each Viessmann boiler purchase, whether it is residential or commercial, owners are likely eligible to receive a rebate from the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program.

Please contact Gunn & Pegelow if you are interested in learning more about Viessmann or if we can assist you with any of our other products!

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