Case Study: Bromic at Greenwood Restaurant

Greenwood Restaurant in Highwood, IL Designed by DMAC Architecture

Restaurants can be a haven for relaxation and escape, as evidenced by the design considerations at Greenwood Restaurant in Highwood, IL. Mid-century modern meets a rustic design for a very inviting interior in this new north shore establishment. Despite the cold shoulder seasons, more and more restauranteurs are bringing their dining experience to the outdoors.

Bromic Heating brings architectural infrared heating to the outdoor patio in a sleek design that meets the aesthetic of the building without compromising performance. Although there are many heating companies that provide solutions for this space, few carry the quality, looks and performance that the Bromic design offers.

Gunn & Pegelow worked with WT Engineering (whose client was DMAC Architecture) and Bromic Heating to offer design guidance and assistance for this continually growing application. Given the architectural drawings, the table layout, traffic patterns, and heating requirements to meet the design requirements from the mechanical engineer, we are able to offer a complete layout as a service. This takes the guesswork out of the design team’s hands and gives the restaurant owner back a clear and concise expectation in an area that can often be difficult to envision something tangible. In the case of Greenwood, the final decision was made to use the Platinum 500 Series for the best all-around aesthetic and performance in a gas-fired patio heating product.

Bromic Platinum 500 Smart-Heat series.

Bromic is the architect’s choice for infrared patio heating with gas-fired and electric heat, and offers a wide variety of products for residential and commercial outdoor heating. Bromic Heating is an Australia based company with a sales office in California to serve the North American market. Gunn & Pegelow is proud to represent Bromic to the local HVAC and design community as a part of our larger gas-fired and electric heating product offering. For more information, please visit Bromic’s website, or contact Gunn & Pegelow.