Case Study: Portage High School Natatorium

Klimor is the air handler of choice for the Portage High School Natatorium renovation. The high school is one of the largest in the northwestern Indiana area with 2,500 students. The school was opened in the 1940’s and the natatorium recently underwent a complete renovation. The HVAC system was completely replaced, and Klimor was chosen due to the limitations of space, a configuration including energy recovery, and the need for a modular air handler to pass through the existing opening into the existing mechanical room.

Alliance Architects chose the Klimor EVO air handler in conjunction with a Technical Systems condensing unit to fit the project needs. The 20,000 CFM Klimor air handler was shipped in a knock-down configuration allowing Gatlin Plumbing and Heating, the installing contractor, to bring the unit into the mechanical room in sections. Equipped with independent supply and return ECM fan sections (four per section), multi-circuit DX coil, hot gas reheat, hydronic heat, and heat recovery heat exchangers with bypass, this is a fully engineered product that is able to be assembled on-site while meeting the specific needs of the application.

The assembled unit measures approximately 22’ long x 10’ wide x 12’ high with fully separated supply and exhaust air streams and maintains required service clearances that exceed the space limitations. The Klimor EVO air handler is tied to a 100 Ton condensing unit with integral hot gas reheat control. Precision Controls is providing turn-key controls for the system based on the required sequence of operation.

Gunn & Pegelow is proud to represent the Klimor product line of semi-custom air handlers. We have the capability of offering air handlers for any kind of commercial or industrial application. For more information, please visit Klimor’s website or contact Gunn & Pegelow.