Case Study: The Trade Hotel

More and more cities across the country are understanding the value of creating unique experiences for individuals that travel to these cities. Hospitality, dining, and entertainment are all within walking distance with one another to give their customers a convenient, pleasurable time while creating memories with friends and family.

Part of the experience includes creating outdoor spaces for their patrons to enjoy, particularly when the sun goes down. Warm and comfortable spaces to dine and enjoy conversations with friends is a high priority, so when NCG Consulting needed expertise in integrating heat into their outdoor spaces, they turned to Bromic — a worldwide leader in heating outdoor spaces to assist them with their new, boutique hotel, The Trade, a Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.

Located directly across the street from the recently completed Fiserv Forum Sports Arena and adjacent Deer District Entertainment Center, The Trade aims to give their customer’s a higher-end hospitality experience with rooftop dinning at il cervo (Italian for “The Deer”).

During construction, challenges were many, but Bromic was up to the task. The first challenge was providing adequate heat to the outdoor spaces. NCG Hospitality worked with the experienced design staff from Bromic to provide a heat layout to maintain a consistent, uniform temperature to the outdoor spaces, including a lounge area, some of the suites with outdoor patios, and the 9th floor rooftop restaurant, il cervo, an Italian restaurant with stunning views of Downtown Milwaukee. 

In addition to providing proper heat layouts, Bromic, with the assistance of the local Bromic representative Gunn & Pegelow and the mechanical contractor Butters Fetting, gave direction on how to control the heaters when the decision was made to change the unit voltage from 208 to  277 volts. Ultimately, simple switches were used in lieu of Bromic extensive library of controls.

The heat layout design changed as the building came out of the ground. Some heaters were eliminated, and others were added in the outdoor spaces. Bromic was able to provide direction on these design changes, revisions, and new layouts that reflected the original comfort layout design. Finally, multiple mounting options were considered, and the Bromic / Gunn & Pegelow / Butters Fetting team responded by provide direction on the best mounting options for the various spaces including custom mounting options.  

From initial design to navigating changes to suit the owner’s preference with a diverse products line-up grounded in quality and reliability that meets all the requirements of heating outdoor spaces, Bromic is the unquestioned leader in enhancing outdoor spaces like the ones seen at The Trade hotel. Let Bromic and Gunn & Pegelow contribute to your success in your next outdoor heating project.