Case Study: Bromic at Greenwood Restaurant

Restaurants can be a haven for relaxation and escape, as evidenced by the design considerations at Greenwood Restaurant in Highwood, IL. Mid-century modern meets a rustic design for a very inviting interior in this new north shore establishment. Despite the cold shoulder seasons, more and more restauranteurs are bringing their dining experience to the outdoors….

Case Study: Mars Air at Navy Pier

Jutting out from the Lake Michigan coastline of downtown Chicago is the 3,300-foot-long family attraction of Navy Pier. With new construction expected to complete in 2016, Navy Pier is updating its experience, and they’re using Mars Air to improve their environment. Here are some of the pictures of the job site located just beyond the giant ferris wheel in…

SoHo House, Chicago – Reznor Helicopter Lift

Check out this helicopter lift for the upcoming Soho House in Chicago of Reznor packaged heating and cooling makeup air units being placed on the roof! Thanks to Westside Mechanical for making this awesome video.

Packaging DX Cooling with Direct Fired Heating: A Match Made in Wisconsin

If you keep adding exhaust fans to your manufacturing facility, you might start wondering why the doors won’t open anymore. Or maybe you have a long-standing problem with more exhaust than typical building HVAC can handle. This is where Gunn & Pegelow can help!

Air Shower for Paint Room Quality Control

Have you ever taken an air shower? Every day the Subaru Team in the painting department of Subaru Assembly in Lafayette, IN do just that prior to entering the painting area. They enter the painting area by walking down a hall that has five Mars Air Doors suspended above them showering them with air to…

Titan Air Designs Quality, Efficient Equipment

If you are looking for a custom air handler to meet your specific needs, look to Titan Air for assistance.  Gaining its roots from direct fired paint booth and paint bake applications, Titan Air has grown into an example of how nimble and capable a custom HVAC manufacturer can be.  Click through the break to…

Fairhaven Nursing Home Starts Up a MAPS Unit

Fairhaven Nursing Home in Whitewater, WI, is undergoing startup this week on a heating and cooling kitchen makeup air unit this week. The system includes VFD controls to maintain a slightly negative pressure relative to the adjacent dining area.