For more than twenty years, Sicflux has been hard at work in the Brazilian market for commercial, residential, and industrial ventilation market. They are the professional’s choice for reliable, high quality, and innovative air renewal systems in South America, with projects like the 2014 World Cup arena and 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2016 they began offering their products in the United States.

Sicflux delivers complete modular ventilation solutions including: ducts, connectors, tubes, exhaust fans, ventilation grilles, airflow regulators, filter boxes, heat exchange systems, and accessories. Their product lines are streamlined to facilitate design and maintenance of the total ventilation system in a building. Sicflux can be found in large commercial buildings, hospitals, sports stadiums, airports.

The factory of Sicflux is located in south of Brazil and Sicflux have a warehouse and headquarter located in Pompano Beach, Florida, to quickly delivery to US, Canada and some countries of Latin America.