SoHo House, Chicago – Reznor Helicopter Lift

Check out this helicopter lift for the upcoming Soho House in Chicago of Reznor packaged heating and cooling makeup air units being placed on the roof! Thanks to Westside Mechanical for making this awesome video.

Reznor Platform 125: High Efficiency Ventilation Made Simple

Combining high ventilation requirements with clients’ comfort needs has been a complicated challenge for HVAC designers and installers for some time, and continues to grow. In its 125th continuous year of providing quality, efficient, and reliable HVAC equipment, Reznor has successfully taken on this challenge by developing and presenting to the HVAC community a series…

Reznor Sets the Bar for Ventilation

  Reznor’s new Z62E series takes a unique approach to dedicated outside air systems.  By combining a modulating heat pump with an energy recovery ventilator, they have introduced a system capable of as high as 22.8 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 16.2 COP (Coefficient Of Performance).  The unit can also be located either inside or…

When Service Matters, use Reznor

Next time you’re considering purchasing a commercial heating and ventilating unit, consider that you or your customer may be living with it for several years.  If service is important to you, you’ll find that the products we represent are meant to last long term. Take a look at these Reznor units as installed at a…

Fairhaven Nursing Home Starts Up a MAPS Unit

Fairhaven Nursing Home in Whitewater, WI, is undergoing startup this week on a heating and cooling kitchen makeup air unit this week. The system includes VFD controls to maintain a slightly negative pressure relative to the adjacent dining area.