Roth LogoAn international manufacturer and system supplier, Roth‘s focus is to offer installation friendly solutions for modern building and plastics technology.  Founded in 1947, their products now span a wide range of applications around fluid and fluid movement from production, storage and distribution of fuel and water.

In the midwestern US, Gunn & Pegelow partners with Roth to extend our offering to provide residential and commercial snowmelt and radiant systems. Working together with Roth, Gunn & Pegelow is able to offer project design and layout assistance for full radiant heating systems for many applications. Roth provides a complete product line including manifolds, tubing, controls, and panel systems to complement the total hydronic HVAC system.

With the synergy of the Viessmann boiler line, fully optimized for maximum efficiency when used with Roth radiant heating, Gunn & Pegelow is now equipped to help you on more aspects of your project.